ebay mobile apps update

eBay Mobile Applications Receives Update

eBay is on the spree to rollout new User Interface for mobile devices as today they launched the new look for the mobile site and also updated the Android Windows Phone 8 and iOS Apps. The new apps get a revamped user interface which puts focus on larger images and personalized feeds. New version of […]


Google Executive, Vic Gundotra Leaving Company After 8 years

Here’s one more startup coming? or he is going to join some other company? Vic Gundotra, Google’s Executive and Creator of Google+ is leaving the company. He joined Google almost eight years ago after a long career at Microsoft. In a post on Google+, Gundotra says he wants to try new things. “Now is the time for a new […]

android 4.4.3 dialer app

Android 4.4.3 Redesigned Dialer App Leaks

It seems that Leak season is going on as most of the web is packed with the leaks. Well, Now Android 4.4.3 Redesigned Dialer App screenshots has been leaked. The new leaks about the upcoming version of the Android OS always makes users to expect more. This is not about Android 5.0, Moonshine. Instead it’s the […]

lg g3 cases 3

Unannounced LG G3′s Cases Go On Sale

Well, LG G3 is not even launched and we have got LG G3 Cases in stock at AlienExpress. The design of the leaked or in stock cases of LG G3 shows some design aspects of the device. As per the newly data received via the LG G3 cases seems that phone will have camera in […]


HTC One M8 Getting a Minor Software Update

The recently announced flagship device from HTC, is getting an minor software update. Interestingly the new update brings in the Extreme Power Saving Mode and also enhanced the camera and gallery performances. As a matter of fact the Extreme Power Saving Mode was announced at the time of launch but the US and the Canadian […]

OnePlus One Vs Nexus 5

OnePlus One Vs Nexus 5: Specs Comparison

OnePlus today announced its OnePlus One smartphone and touted that there’s nothing better than this. Later they announced a promo also in which you have to trash your mobile device in front of camera and after that you can get OnePlus One $1. Offer is applicable to only first 100 buyers. Nexus was launched by […]

onmeplus one promo smash

OnePlus Promo: Smash Old Phone And Get OnePlus One For $1

It seems to be another provocative promo to increase the popularity of device or just a gimmick for marketing. As we know OnePlus One has launched its OnePlus One device with some excellent features at very decent price. Now company has started to increase the device’s popularity by launching the OnePlus Promo. As per the Promo […]

google play store spring sale

Google Play Store Spring Sale Starts

Google has started the Spring Sale on Google Play Store. Google always announce such kind of sales at some occasions to mark season changes or similarly at other occasions. Last time Google announced sale for the 2nd Birthday of Google Play Store (Name) and gave special discounts to the apps from different categories. This time also […]

Google Glass update

Google Glass Receiving XE16.1 Update With Minor Changes

After recent XE16 update, Today again Google Glass is getting minor update, XE16.1. As per the users they didn’t noticed any big change in this latest build. As according to the official description update contains a small bugfix for the Google Glass Wearable. Earlier after the XE16 update users were receiving many errors mainly there were issues like sluggishness, […]