Day three of Google’s app extravaganza is upon us, and there’s some premium apps with massive discounts that you’ll definitely want to pick up. As a celebratory promotion for the Android Market hitting the 10 billion download mark, Google is partnering with top developers to price ten apps at ten cents/pence each day for ten days. ADWLauncher EX leads the pack on Friday following an Ice Cream Sandwich-style update.

Also on offer are gaming titles Tetris, Toki Tori, Homerun Battle 3D, Reckless Getaway (a sort of Need For Speed version of Reckless Racing), Can Knockdown 2, and Space Physics. Other apps on offer are the Blue Skies Donation live wallpaper and Kids Learn to Read, following the kid-friendly Berenstain Bears app from yesterday. All are on sale right now, though the banner on the Market home page hasn’t been updated yet.
If you’re even mildly interested in any of these paid apps, be sure to pick them up now -they’ll only be at this special price until tomorrow morning in the US. At the time of writing you can still get yesterday’s discounted apps at the $.10 price, but that won’t last for long. In related news, Phandroid reports that bumped sales from the 10 Billion Apps promotion have made Beautiful Widgets the very first paid Android app to hit a million downloads. That’s less than .0001% of all the downloads made in the Market as of today.
Update: Here they are. Get after it, bargain hunters.


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