iPhone 8 and iPhone X wallpapers

The iPhone X dominated the web circles yesterday, despite there being two other iPhone launches on the same day. And with jam-packed tech and brand new all-screen display, that was to be expected. But that’s not what we are here to talk about. We want a share of the eye candy. Yes, we are talking about those eye-popping wallpapers. Every new flagship device comes with a great collection.

iPhone 8 and iPhone X wallpapers

While our coverage mostly lies with Android, wallpapers are a common territory where anyone can tread, whether an Apple fanboy or Android enthusiast. So, here we are with some great HD wallpapers. We have a collection of 20 of them. We have the iPhone 8 wallpapers link and a separate iPhone X wallpapers link.

→ Download iPhone 8 wallpapers

→ Download iPhone X wallpapers

Just download the ZIP files. Extract the ZIP files using ZIP file extractor. There are many on the Play Store. IF your phone doesn’t come with the ZIP file extracting File Manager. We also have other collections available for the likes of Samsung Galaxy S8 with more 30 HD Wallpapers. You can check them here.


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