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According to new report by Cybermedia Research, 2G users in India will be diminished by first quarter of 2020. The report says that 2G users in India were already declining at a rate of 3 per cent year on year. But, since the entry of Reliance Jio, the number has now raised to 12 per cent which is four times more than before.

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Before Reliance Jio entered the Indian market with their wide 4G network at an affordable price. The market was dominated by 2G though 3G was available for a long time. The reason behind it was the amount charged by the telecom operators which was way more higher than today. However, Jio completely changed the market and the impact was so powerful that other operators started competing Jio with similar plans and prices.

Due to this, more people started using 4G networks and it started increasing exponentially. Another thing that plays a major part for the diminishing of 2G is the availability of 4G enabled smartphones at more affordable price than ever. Even, some of the feature phones sold in India are now 4G enabled thanks to Reliance Jio Phone. Thus, there is no way people will use 2G in near future as it is rarely used now.

Hence, the end of 2G network in India is too near than we ever thought of.


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