3 Simple Reasons Why The New Firefox OS is Better Than Android


Mozilla is known to most of us as a reliable brand for computer software such as Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird,  and Mozilla Marketplace. And just as the 3rd quarter of 2013 began, they announced that they will be entering another emerging market in the world of technology and gadgets. Yes, they will try to compete with Android as Mozilla releases their own line of operating system for mobile gadgets – the Mozilla Firefox OS.


Of course, this raises a lot of questions for most users.  Even if you’re a loyal Android user, then it pays for you to read the following reasons why the Mozilla Firefox OS is worth a second look.

Freely Develop an App

If you have an idea for an Android app that you think would create a blockbuster demand, you will have lots of things to do—this includes securing the certificate of the app, paper works on the intellectual property rights, and oh, creating the app itself. Doing it for the Android platform requires you to have a sign up for a developer kit online. This will include details on the ingenious app  that you created. Although it is easily accessible online, it still is another step for developers.

But if you are to use Firefox OS for your app, you need not to acquire a developer’s kit and developer fees needed. You can easily start building your app as soon as you feel like doing it—use CSS, HTML, and JavaScript as you desire. As you can see, developing an app with Firefox OS is less restricted and has less barriers compared to Android. Now that’s a plus for inventive genius out there, don’t you think?


Need Directions?

One of the more popular features that is enjoyed by Android users is the Google Map. Compared to other map apps, I can say that, unanimously, Google Map stands out among the rest. However, Firefox OS has a card against Google Map. Seeing it from the premature product, HERE Map (that’s the name of Firefox OS Map) works just like Google Maps. You get to pan around, zoom in and out, view a satellite photo, or navigate through schematic view. When searching for directions, HERE Map will show you the best way to get from point A to point B with a purple line. HERE Map has an additional feature such as street view and turn-by-turn directions. The interface also has additional buttons on top—option to see direction for walking, taking a taxi, direction when taking a bus ride.

Downside of HERE Map? its new in the market and details for buildings, stores, and shops aren’t as readily available as Google Maps. But give it some time, and it can dominate the Google Maps in the future.

Everything is a Website

Firefox OS has “everything is a website” philosophy which results for apps to look and function like web pages. For example, if you are want to read a link from a tweet, it will open a separate window for that tweet. You need not to use the “Back” button—you can’t use it either as it has been grayed out—after reading or viewing the link as it has been opened in a separate window. Alternatively, your Twitter homepage remains untouched as it has opened a separate window. Though there were few users who do not feel comfortable with this “everything is a website” system by Firefox OS, users will appreciate the beauty of Firefox’s philosophy as they get to navigate and familiarize their selves.

Above all is bullshit 😛