For all the people excited about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S series, Samsung Poland has made some important piece of information public for you, particularly if you love in Poland. Samsung Poland’s Twitter handle has revealed the Tab S series’s pricing in Poland.


For your convenience, below are the respective prices of the tablets listed above in USD according to the current exchange rate:

Tab S 8.4 WiFi 16 GB : $524.41

Tab S 8.4 LTE 16 GB : $655.59

Tab S 10.5 WiFi 16 GB : $622.80

Tab S 10.5 LTE 16 GB : $753.38

The prices seem to be steep when compared to the prices in the US where the Tab S 8.4 WiFi 16 GB is being offered for $399 but when compared to the UK prices, the Tab S from Poland seems to be a good deal as the  Tab S 8.4 WiFi 16 GB is being offered for $543 there. But don’t get too excited yet. If you’re planning to get the Tab S from Poland, you’ll have to wait till July 18th.


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