Sharp’s upcoming Q-Pod Android phone is aimed right at the rich, delicious center of the novelty market. The golden-colored phone’s back, front and the user interface inside all look as if they’re covered in half-melted chocolate, for some reason. It even comes with its own “Chocobed”, a charging dock that looks like a fancy chocolate box.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the Q-Pod is that it also has some pretty solid specs. Android 2.3 runs on a 1GHz Snapdragon processor (mmm, chocolate and Gingerbread!) with 512MB of RAM. Unlike its real-world sugary counterpart, the housing of the phone is water-resistant, and the 8-megapixel rear camera should satisfy the pickiest of shooters. The 3.7-inch screen has a sharp 960 x 540 resolution – considerably higher than similar screens on US and European phones.

Carrier NTT DoCoMo isn’t saying how much the Q-Pod will cost, but with a limited run of 3000 units it won’t be cheap – and that’s before you buy a plane ticket to Japan to pick one up. If your heart is set on this unique device, better call you travel agent quick – the Sharp Q-Pod goes on sale October 18th. Just don’t make any calls before dinner or you’ll spoil your appetite. For more strangely themed Japanese handsets, check out the official Disney Android phone.

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