Our Android devices are getting more advanced day by day, they are becoming more powerful, more user-friendly and more practical. Android is a great platform but often people raise questions about its security. This time as well Avast has revealed some new facts according to which a majority of Android devices are infected by a malware. The biggest surprising fact is that it is not transferred from any source instead of that it comes pre-installed with the devices. Yes, you’ve heard it right, so we need to explore more about it.

The malware is named as “Cosiloon” and comes pre-installed on the devices from manufacturers ZTE and Archos. In normal viruses are transferred from some unknown source but this time it comes pre-installed and this fact has created a big question on the security level of several brands too. It is a form of adware that created an advertisement overlay on a web page. Even more nerve-racking thing is that it was recently found in more than 18,000 devices which are being operated in countries like U.K, U.S, Russia, Germany, and Italy.

As suggested by Avast it exists for more than 3 years and it is not a piece of cake to eliminate this from a smartphone. It is typical to remove because it comes installed on firmware level, tweaking which is not a task of the general user. Google is aware of the issue and is taking necessary steps to stop this from spreading. It is still unknown that how this malware come to these devices as a pre-installed thing.


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