According To A Report Google Will Sell Nexus Devices With Android 5.0 Through Google Play Store


According to a report by WSJ, Google will change Android Landscape as Google have program to open up its Nexus program to multiple OEM partners and offer up to five launch devices for Android 5.0, with the intention of selling the devices directly to consumers.

The new batch of Nexus devices would be both phones and tablets, but all would be sold through the Google Play Store. It’s currently unknown when the new software will be rolling out exactly, but it’s safe to assume that it will be during either the fall or winter months of 2012.

Although the Google Play Store only sells the Galaxy Nexus in the US of A, the WSJ’s report reckons Google will offer the new, bolstered catalog to a much wider audience – including parts of Europe and Asia.

via Wall Street Journal



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