Action Launcher brings Pixel 2 bottom Search bar to non-Pixel 2 users


New customization features are the lifeblood of any Android launcher and Action Launcher certainly is one of the most active ones at that. Following Nova Launcher, it too picked up some handy Android Oreo features like Notification Dots, Adaptive icons and a visual overhaul.

But now, Chris Lacey is at it again bringing users the cutting edge features of Pixel 2. Yup, we recently saw the search bar at the surface of the display in the new Pixel 2 and it was a very convenient way to reach Google Assistant. That bottom search bar can now be used by Action Launcher users too with this new update.

The search bar is actually a Quickbar in disguise, so you can do much more to customize it than the Pixel 2 itself. You can round the corners, change the colours, add or remove shortcuts as well with the new v 29.0 update.

To set it up, simply got to Settings -> Quickbar -> Style. There you will see a “Search box (dock)” option, select it. And you are good to go. The update is live and you can use it straight away to show off in front of your friends.


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