Actions on Google platform just added 4 new languages


Google just announced new smart speakers at the Pixel 2 launch event yesterday, but they also have something for the devs. The Mountain View giant posted in a blog post that Actions on Google is now coming with new languages. Specifically, German, French, Japanese, Korean, and both French and English in Canada have been introduced. So from next week, devs will be able to build apps for Assistant in these new languages.

Google also said that apps for the Assistant will make their way to the new Pixelbook. Also, they introduced Apps for families, which will allow devs to family-friendly content and earn a trust badge from Google. New templates are also being introduced so that making an app is easier than ever and requires less coding experience.

Actions on Google right now supports US, UK, and Australian English but these new languages are sign that Google really wants devs to get on the Assistant app platform. To know more about the subject, kindly visit the blog post in the source link below.

Source: Google


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