Activision Join Hands With Flurry To Create Gaming Platform


Activision old player in gaming arena is set to comeback with new gaming platform on which Activision has started working by joinning hands with flurry. Flurry will help them by giving information or data about mobile market and providing best strategies to Activision on creation of new gaming platform. This will help Activision alot to make best and hard gaming platform. Here are the words from Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing:

[quote] “A world class partner such as Flurry will position Activision for mobile growth in the future and we are confident our relationship will yield significant insight into mobile development and distribution, Additionally, Activision and Flurry are uniquely qualified to provide mobile developers with funding, resources and unmatched marketing expertise, while also allowing them to retain their intellectual property. We are confident our relationship and this new platform will yield significant results and are excited to launch it.”[/quote]

We have to stand and watch or wait for the gaming platform. Currently there’s nothing more but we will inform you if anything come and happen to this story.

Via: GameFans


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