Today Adobe is rocking the news with their MAX conference. They have just announced the much anticipated Adobe Flash Player 11 will be available starting tonight for multiple platforms, including Android. Same rules apply for Air 3.0 and they will be available tonight at 9:00 PM PT or early morning for you East Coast folks. The latest Flash updates will bring significant changes that were detailed in-depth back in September.

Sadly for mobile and Android this initial release wont see the new Stage 3D codenamed “Molehill”. Although both flash and air will eventually bring major improvements to mobile that will help to stabilize and revolutionize the way we game and consume content on the web and our mobile devices. Stage 3D was one of the most exciting aspects of the new Flash 11 and while it is coming soon, its sad that we can’t see it today on Android.
More details can be found over on the Adobe blog and the downloads for both Flash 11 and Air 3.0 should go live tonight around 9:00 PM PST. For now until everything gets incorporated into Android we’ll just have to wait and watch. Soon we’ll be experiencing amazing 2D and 3D graphics at upwards of 60 FPS on our Honeycomb tablets for some true console-style gaming. Stay tuned for more details regarding Android as the Adobe event continues, below is one example of what we can expect to see coming soon.

[via Adobe]


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