In China November 11th is known as the Single’s Day and was declared a decade ago. It is a day for the Singles all over the country to celebrate. And well, Alibaba the e-commerce giant turned this day into a shopping day in 2009. It has been a day when the sales of Alibaba are on peak. According to a report, the Singles’ Day sale has doubled from last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in USA. And the best part is that even after the latter being combined could not beat Alibaba’s sales.

On this day 11th November named as Singles’ Day, Alibaba offers discounts on various set of products. The products range from electronics, household items even clothing.

And on this day i.e. 24 hours Alibaba handled a transaction of 1.48 billion. In total it was about $25.3 billion in sales was earned in a single day. Here the sales since the beginning of the week until the main event have been excluded.

When compared to previous years sales it has been a rise in 40%. And about 90% of the purchases were done through mobile as the company reveals.

The sales of Alibaba have been higher than that of Cyber Monday sales that was $12.8 billion.


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