Alleged live images of OnePlus 5T clicked by an e-Sports player in Paris


The OnePlus 5T is no more just a ghost device lurking in your imagination and the rumour mill. A recent post from OnePlus CEO has all but confirmed the phone’s existence. He also shared some tidbits about the upcoming phone’s features. Another image of 5 tea cups¬†posted on the Twitter handle of OnePlus is also an explicit sign of its impending official release.

Lau said in a forum post that the OnePlus 5T will come with a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Now, there’s been a flood of OnePlus 5T leaks since a few weeks. But here is a live image of the OnePlus 5T that appears to be legit.

The shot of the handset comes from Alessandro Palmarini who is an e-Sports player. It’s not one of the clearest of images, and it also doesn’t contain any clues that it is indeed the OnePlus 5T. But, considering e-Sports team is sponsored by OnePlus, this could be the real deal. The image was tweeted by Palmarini during the ongoing Paris Game Week.

According to latest official info, the OnePlus 5T will sport a special portrait mode, a better rear camera, and surely a thin bezel 6.0-inch (18:9 aspect ratio) display.

source: @Palmatoro_VG


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