How about a name change, folks? It looks like we will be leaning toward the name Galaxy Nexus instead of Nexus Prime, for now. The guys at AndroidNext did a search for pictures taken with a Galaxy Nexus device on Picasa and were able to find a couple of them taken by Google employees. Every digital camera carries its own EXIF (Exchangeable image file format) data which is almost like a unique tag/signature that helps specify the formats for pictures and attributes of the systems used to take them.

The two Googlers in question are Roman Kirillov and Chris Yega and both pictures were taken on October 8, there were then uploaded via Google+ app. The Galaxy Nexus has been rumored for a November 3 release which is less than a moth away.
It looks like the pictures were taken down which means that we’re really into something here guys.
Source AndroidNext
via Android Communtiy


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