Allo has received its first major update, with lots of additions and fixes. The Allo 2.0 packs Direct Reply, Android Wear Support, GIF Keyboard support, Improved Notifications and other changes.


Allo 2.0 has added Direct Reply, It added Reply button for replying directly in the notification, much like quick replies on Hangouts and Google Messenger. Further, as like of Messenger and Hangouts, users can reply to messages by using Android Wear from their Smartwatches.

Direct Share is also present in this version, you can share anything with a particular person or group instantly. Now, GIF support is extended to the compatible keyboards.

Some other changes are as follows:

  • Launcher shortcut for creating a new conversation
  • Incognito key alerts, a splash screen, and official multi-window support.
  • Accessibility mode that turns the chat bubbles gray for easier reading.

You can download the Allo 2.0 from the Play Store or from APK Mirror in case you can’t wait.


  1. Still not clear if this is a Hangouts replacement, and if so, what kind of support we can expect for Google Voice.


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