Allo Leaked Features: From Media Sharing Details to Sticker Packs, Expiring Messages and SMS


Google Allo is expected to launch in upcoming days or weeks. It is a package from Google which allows users to chat with some extra features. There are many features, which Google Showed us at Google IO 2016.

After, Google Duo launch just a week ago, now, users are expecting Allo launch pretty soon. Also, Leaks and Rumors are also hinting us about the same. In span of 24 Hours, we have got lot of leaks and reports about the Allo. Here’s what it is going to pack:

Google Allo’s Sticker Packs

We have got some leaked pictures of the Allo Sticker Pack. By default user will get 3 Sticker Packs and later they can install more from the Store. The sticker packs appear to function the same way as LINE where users can rearrange them in order, meaning that if there are some stickers that you use more often than others. Here’s a image of stickers on Allo:

google allo stickers

Snapchat-like Expiring Messages

Here’s one more news about Allo, This is according to the folks at Android Police who managed to obtain some information from a test preview version of Allo. From what they have learnt, Allo will have an Incognito chat mode which is basically a more privacy-focused aspect of the app, and within Incognito mode, chats can have an expiry.

Google hinted about it at the preview.

Allo Search Allows to Search all your conversations at once

According to screenshots we’ve received from a test preview version of Allo, Google’s new messaging app doesn’t suffer from that silly limitation. Search is well implemented and it’s universal throughout the app. There’s a search icon on the top right of the main screen that lets you look for a contact/group’s name (in case you have lots of chats and need to quickly find a specific person/group) or any word(s) inside a chat.

Media Sharing: Can Share GIFs, compression, annotation with some limitations

In Allo, Users can share GIFs, can write annotations on images, etc. You can have a lot at the images below to know more about them.


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