A few weeks back we have covered a story about the pre-registration of the game called Alto’s Odyssey. The game for a long is available on the iOS platform but was absent from the Android Play Store. Earlier the pre-registration of the game was started and now finally it has been made available to the Android platform. It is a well-known endless game and is fun to play. If you are an Android user then you must consider reading this article.

Alto’s Odyssey is the successor to the previous generation game called Alto’s Adventure. The game is developed by Noodlecake Studios. Alto’s Odyssey is a Snowboarding endless game and shares the concept with the old Alto’s Adventure. The game comes with different locales and elements which distinguishes it from the old installment. Here the player ski downs a slope and your aim are to collect maximum coins by performing different stunts, jumps.

Fortunately, the game for the Android platform is free to Download. The game is a kind of addictive as its simple and beautiful graphics, design, music attracts a user. On the iOS platform, the game has performed well and we will see in a couple of months that how it is performing on Android.

The requirements of the game are also not much higher, it can be downloaded to a device running Android version 4.1 or above. Alto’s Odyssey weighs at 57MB’s. It includes in-app purchases however for reviving your player you can watch an advertisement as well. You can head over to the link below for download, stay tuned to GoAndroid for more updates.

Download Alto’s Odyssey for Android


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