Amazon’s Celebrates First B’day, Now Packed with 31000 Apps


Next Week is the B’day of Amazon App Market, launched on 22nd march 2011. To celebrate the anniversary Amazon will be offering a week of deals to customers. The company also took the time to share some figures about the Appstore’s growth over the past year, including the size of its selection, which grew from 4,000 apps at launch to 31,000+ apps today. In addition, Amazon released lists of its best-selling apps of all time, both paid and free.

Starting today, Plants vs. Zombies is on sale for 67 percent off. The number apps on sale increases each day for the next week (day two will feature two apps, day three will feature three apps, and so on). Additionally, Amazon is running a contest with eight Kindle Fire’s up for grabs for those that enter before March 31st.

Full Apps Stats of Amazon App Market:
Top Paid Apps (over the last 12 months)

1. Cut the Rope

2. Angry Birds (Ad-Free)

3. Where’s My Water?

4. Angry Birds Rio (Ad-Free)

5. Angry Birds Seasons (Ad-Free)

6. Plants vs. Zombies (Kindle Fire Edition)

7. Fruit Ninja

8. SCRABBLE (Kindle Fire Edition)

9. UNO (Kindle Fire Edition)


Top Free Apps (over the last 12 months)

1. Angry Birds Free

2. Netflix

3. Solitaire

4. Fruit Ninja Free

5. Angry Birds Seasons Free

6. Bubble Buster

7. Little Piano Free

8. Roller Lite

9. Jewels

10. Hangman Free

Source: TNW


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