Today Amazon has another awesome app running for the excellent price of free. Today the Amazon “free app of the day” is App 2 SD Pro. If you have a slightly older Android device say around the Nexus One era this is the perfect application for you. When you install too many awesome games, or all three Angry Birds are taking up all that internal storage you can use this to move apps to the SD card rather than internal 512mb or whatever your specific device has.

I wont preach about this much as most phones these days have enough storage that users don’t need apps2sd features anymore but many still do. Many users delete games, or wont install Adobe Flash and things of that sort to save space on their phones. You’ll no longer have to delete that awesome game you rarely play to make room for something else. Just move all the large apps and games to the SD card and you’re good to go. Today the paid version is free thanks to Amazon.
Paid Features:
-View all SD card capable apps and move them seamlessly
-Efficiently manage apps with a shortcut to Manage Applications screen
-Keep track of total and available storage space
-Sort through apps stored on phone and SD card
-Enable notification when installing an SD card capable app
Newer versions of Android like 2.2 FroYo and above do offer this as a stock feature and you can simple enter the manage applications tab and choose move to SD card. For many users this is still not an option, especially if you’re still rocking Android 1.6 or something ancient. If so get this free app of the day and free up some storage on your device. Remember moving widgets to the SD card is a bad idea because they wont work, just a tip.
[via Amazon]


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