Cut The Rope is one of the best games for Android. When the popular and much talked about iOS game finally landed it caused a lot of stir in the world of Android too. Being first available on GetJar but with in-game ads many were hoping for something better. Then in June Cut The Rope hit the Android market ad-free and users everywhere rejoiced.

Today we have even better news — Cut the Rope is FREE today thanks to the one and only Amazon Free App of the Day. Cut the Rope is very similar to Angry Birds in the sense you must complete a set amount of tasks with the limited options and time allotted. Users gain 1-3 starts and its based on a very similar rating system. Available now at or on your mobile right in the Amazon AppStore.

Angry Birds isn’t the only game getting plenty of attention from users and kids worldwide. Cut The Rope has been at the top of both the Android and iOS charts for a long time and continues to sell extremely well. Cut the Rope start “Om Nom” also has his own set of comics and stuffed animal plush toys — move over you Angry Birds and pigs.
If you’ve been waiting for a good deal, or for this to be free today is your lucky day. Hit the source link today only and go snag it while it’s still freeeeee.
[via Amazon]


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