Today Amazon is offering their usual and awesome “Free App of the Day” deal that has made them so popular as of late, although not with some developers. Today the free app is a fun and addicting game called Flick Kick Football (soccer in America). Flick Kick is a popular series from the developers Prodigy Design and they have like 4 great games available so check those all out.

The idea is simple and nothing new, it’s like playing Paper Toss or any of those other finger flicking games. I’ll just say Football since they are calling it Football but the popular term is Soccer around these parts. You can kick, curve, and fling the football from all over the field with the flick of your finger. My personal favorite is actually the Field Goal version of this game as I’m an NFL fan myself.

I’m sure you’ve seen or played these games in the past so I wont go on about explaining how they work as its pretty self explanatory and the picture above should help clear anything up. Now it may sound easy but trust me it gets harder as you go along. They add defenders you must shoot through and the distance gets farther and farther out and really gives players a challenge. Try not to miss when you get on fire and enjoy some multi-player because it has full multi-player support.
Free for today ONLY in the Amazon App Store so head over and download this fun and time wasting game.
[via Amazon]


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