Amazon Music App is finally getting the support for Google Chromecast. It seems that long fight with Google is getting cold and now the Amazon is integrating the Chromecast functionality with the Amazon Music App.


If we talk about this whole scenario of Amazon and Google than it is quite old and different. Amazon started it with removing the Chromecasts from the Amazon and later Google pulled YouTube service from Echo and other products. In response, Amazon responded by removing the Prime Video App from the Play Store.

Well, it is now a welcome gesture from the Amazon that they have embedded the support of Chromecast in the Amazon Music. Many users started receiving the feature by starting of this month. Now the rollout is official and the changelog is posted below the change mentioned in it.


Chromecast Support: You can now select music on your Android device, and have the music play on your Chromecast enabled devices.
You can update your Amazon Music app by just going to the Play Store link below. After the update, you will be able to listen to your tunes on your Chromecast. Or you can see your Amazon Music on the device which is connected to the Chromecast.
Happy Casting !!
Source: Play Store


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