Amazon to price the Upcoming “Kindle” Smartphone as Free


Yes you heard it right, Amazon might be pricing their upcoming Smartphone named as “Kindle” as free. According to the sources ex-WSJ reporters the company might do so. Though there is still some speculation about how Amazon will manage to get the money back from the user, some suggest that it would make you sign up for the Amazon Prime service.

kindle smartphone

From what the sources state is “Amazon wants their device to be free whether people sign up for a new wireless plan or not.” Also the device would be sold online, so that you need not go for various carriers to get your device. The time when this free Smartphone would be available is uncertain as off now.

According to the reports fro sources, many companies have been in talk with the company for agreement for not manufacturing Devices that do not support Google’s Services. Maybe a phone from Kindle, much like the Kindle tablets would more likely be a heavu skinned Android Device.