Amazon Prime Video for Android TV now available on the Play Store


Amazon’s Prime Video has a wide collection of movies and series, but still not as vast as Netflix. However, the service comes bundled for any Amazon Prime customer which makes it cheaper and better. The Prime Video app is already available for Android smartphones, but now a dedicated app for Android TV shows up in the Play Store. This is kind of surprise because of the ongoing fight between Amazon and Google.

Amazon Prime Video Android TV

In case you do not know, Amazon stopped selling almost all the Google products which let Google to discontinue YouTube services on Amazon’s products. But, once again Amazon started selling Google products after Net Neutrality went down. And now, they brought the Prime Video app for Android TV to the Play Store. However, Amazon filed for ‘Amazontube’ trademark today which could be the name for YouTube’s alternative and competitor. But, only time will tell whether it would be success or not as YouTube is mature and well established.

Moving to the app, it does not support any Android TV as of now which is strange. Maybe, Amazon will be updating the app with compatible devices later. Anyways, if you have an Android TV, you can try installing it from the Play Store.


  1. This app shows up on Play Store because of the fight between Amazon and Google. Amazon is giving it as a peace offering to Google.


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