Amazon looks to grow their app store and seem to really be ramping up the efforts on the Android front. With the possibility of an Android tablet coming soon and more, they are getting ready to start offering rewards to developers that opt to submit their apps into the Amazon App Store. Yay, That reward is $50 dollars.

Amazon will be offering starting today through November 15th, a $50 dollar credit for Amazon Web Services (AWS) for all developers that submit applications for approval. More details can be found over at and while it’s not a lot, $50 is $50 dollars right? Amazon’s AWS offers a variety of cloud-computing services and solutions that is used by a large portion of online businesses.
Developers can use the AWS to help build and update their apps, with unlimited cloud storage for updates, social network updates, integration and more. Developers can also use the AWS for things like messaging for mobile-to-mobile communication and chat type apps too. There are plenty of options and uses available and all of that and more is available at
This ends mid November right in time for when recent sources have been claiming Amazon will launch the Amazon Kindle Tablet powered by Android. It seems Amazon wants to have an impressive App Store to go along with this major launch, and it totally makes sense. What do you think?
[via Amazon AppStore Blog]


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