Amazon Working On Two Smartphones; 3D And Budget Friendly Device


Amazon is again into works to manufacture two new smartphones after the Amazon Kindle Fire 3. A new report from Techcrunch indicate that the one phone will be packed with 3D like interface and other one will be budget device.

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The models are named as “smith” and  the other one is “cheap”. The expensive model, dubbed “Smith,” will reportedly have a 3D user interface. TechCrunch’s sources say the phone will have four cameras, with one located at each corner of the phone, to track your eye and head motions.

Other one as stated above is “cheap” version also known as budget phone will support FireOS (heavily modified version of Android). It will be launched later this year.

All these developments are taking place in Amazon’s Lab126 facility. Amazon may be running a successful tablet business at the moment, but smartphones are an entirely different, and its success in entering the market is anything but guaranteed.

So guys are you ready for these two rumored phones? Share your views via comments.

Source: Tech Crunch


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