Last Friday, a technical error on part of permitted users to place an order for Amazon Echo absolutely free. The users were able to avail this free deal during a brief window, that slashed the price down to $0 from Amazon Echo’s original price of $49.99. The deal was live for a very short period of time before the product went out of stock and returned later at its regular price.

If you were one of the luckiest individuals who successfully placed the order, there’s a bad new for you. Amazon has now cancelled all the orders for Amazon Echo Dot that were placed during that particular time frame.

The major flaw happened as a result of a discount code that was issued for audio-book service Audible that was erroneously applied to the Echo Dot. Amazon informed and apologized to the customers, stating that it is canceling the orders that resulted out of this technical issue. It may be due to some cross-promotion between the Amazon Echo Dot and Audible. The company, however, will be issuing a $5 credit to anyone who had an order for a free Echo Dot canceled.

If you still want to place an order for the Amazon Echo, you may apply the $5 credit to get the smart speaker at just $44.99.


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