Android 2.3 Gingerbread comes to the G2x thanks to CyanogenMod 7


Great news for you all this evening, I know UFC is going and everyone is probably watching that like I am, but we have some great news that just dropped to twitter a few minutes ago. @CM_arcee has been the lead developer for CM7 for the LG G2x and Optimus 2x and he has just announced that nightly’s are now available for download from the CM download mirrors.

Yes what you see is real. The time has finally come and the CyanogenMod team feel that the builds for the LG G2x are now at a complete enough level that we can all flash the latest nightly if we choose. I’m excited, so excited to finally have CM7 and Android 2.3 on this amazing phone that I’ve already flashed it for mine, if you didn’t notice the photo above. So for those that don’t want to wait for T-Mobile to release Android 2.3.3 for the G2x, get it now with CM7.
As always, flashing something like a nightly or unstable build of a rom is a *at your own risk* type deal. Make sure you have rooted and installed clockwork recovery. Guides to both of these things are here. I’d do a nandroid backup first, I always do. So get rooted, flash clockworkmod and go get the latest nightly for the p999 (G2x) or the p990 for the O2x. Don’t forget the gapps for all your Google apps.
Just in case you missed it here is the link again for the downloads of CyanogenMod 7 for the G2x.
CM7 Download Mirrors

[via Twitter, AC]


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