While it appears in the official capacity, the Android 4.0.3 update for the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S have been delayed, the good news for Galaxy Nexus owners is that leaked 4.0.3 radios for your device has been leaked, and based on reports from users across various forums, the leaked radios for the CDMA and 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus have improved signal reception.
Users have reported that the phone now locks onto a data signal faster and tends to keep it longer, along with smoother handoffs between 4G and 3G connections. Of course this leaked radio will require an unlocked phone with custom recovery, so proceed at your own risk as it seems that according to Michael Crider of Android Community, the leaked radio has “broken” his wireless tethering functionality.
We can’t be sure if this has happened to anyone else yet, but if you can’t wait for the official update, you can find the download link and instructions along with various user feedback on the XDA forums.


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