android 4.2 google talk bug

android 4.2 google talk bug

After yesterday’s Nexus earpiece bug, another one has landed onto Google’s Talk client for Android 4.2. Users are reporting that Gtalk is causing problems when they sign from different user.  If the user is logged in as an owner, Google Talk will start as usual. However, if a user account is used, an error message appears and the program can not use themselves.

Here are some users reporting it:

On a Nexus 7 with 4.2, Google talk does not work with multiple users. Trying to open Google talk on any account other than the device owner leads to an error message saying "This version of Talk can be used only by the owner of the device"

This problem is not on particular device, its on several devices. There are some other bugs also which are recently brought up by users like Google Calendar, Bluetooth, etc.

Now question arising that Google was ready to announce Android 4.2 last month? or they announced it early due to some other reasons? Guys what you think of it ? Share your view.

Via: Google


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