After Takju Galaxy Nexus Variant now its turn for Yakju Galaxy Nexus to receive Android 4.2 JOP40C build. So users can check for update on their International Galaxy Nexus Users or Yakju Variant as Google is rolling out. Google has also posted Yakju’s 4.2 factory image here.

Here’s what you will get after updating your Yakju Galaxy Nexus to Android 4.2:

  • Miracast support, Nexus 4 only
  • Google Now enhancements
  • Lockscreen widgets
  • New Clock app
  • Day Dream
  • Quick Settings
  • Notificaton enhancements
  • And more

Here are some Steps to be followed:

Step 1.

Reboot your Galaxy Nexus, holding the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons while it boots up. Once you see the fastboot menu and “Start,” press Volume Up to navigate to “Recovery” and press the power button. Once you see an Android with a red exclamation point icon, press Volume Up and the Power button together, which will bring you to a new menu. Navigate to “apply update from adb.”

Step 2.

Connect your Galaxy Nexus to your computer with a USB cable.

Make sure you have a recent version of adb that supports the sideload command (if you don’t, download the latest Android SDK to ensure your adb is up-to-date).

Open up a command prompt (cmd in Windows, regular shell in Linux and Mac) in the same directory as the JOP40C zip file you’ve downloaded.

Type in the following:

adb sideload

You should see a progress bar, which will eventually hit 100%. At this point, your device is installing the update.

Step 3.

Reboot and enjoy! You are now running Android 4.2 on your Yakju Galaxy Nexus.

Thanks to Android Police for instructions.

Source: Galaxy Nexus Forum


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