android 4.4.3 dialer app

It seems that Leak season is going on as most of the web is packed with the leaks. Well, Now Android 4.4.3 Redesigned Dialer App screenshots has been leaked.

android 4.4.3 redesigned dialer app

The new leaks about the upcoming version of the Android OS always makes users to expect more. This is not about Android 5.0, Moonshine. Instead it’s the next point-release for KitKat which is Android 4.4.3. Above screenshot gives a colourful look to the mono coloured like Dialer App and make it more interesting for users to use it with ease. In other words we can say it is a full blown redesign that is actually quite different from the existing dialer UI. The dialer search box is still up at the top and the blue action bar is at the bottom.

This is part of the redesign we are hearing about coming at Google I/O with the next major version of Android? What you thin about the redesign? Share your views via the comments below.

Source: XDA



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