Android 4.4 Kitkat Widgets Depicting Gingerbread Era?


After lots of rumors about its Interface now let’s talk about Android 4.4 Widgets. Will it gain some new features? What changes are coming? Well, as according to the current rumors its revealed that Google has again transformed widgets to┬átheir rightful place, back in the homescreen long press menu, right beside wallpapers.


As according to the Pocketnow Google has changed the way Android uses the widgets in its 4.o ICS and Jelly Bean versions. Now it will change back to its Gingerbread era. Now again Widgets will be only available by long pressing the home screen rather then pre defined Widgets tab in the Drawer.

We think its a good move to boost Android’s launcher performance because it uses lot of resources while accessing that tab and sometimes even if we haven’t that widgets tab. Also there will not be much confusion about the change as still half of Android users are using Gingerbread.

So what you think? What are the pros of this change? Share your views via comments.


  1. Only 30% of android phones use 2.3 and below. The rest use 4.0+. You can see these stats on the androoid developers site.


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