Since Google has released the Nexus 6 and the Android 5.0 Lollipop, users have been eagerly waiting for the update on their devices. Now the first one to get the update would be the Nexus 5. And Google is not sure yet, or they haven’t rebrand the date so as to when they will be rolling out the update.


Though the unofficial source claimed that the updates would be rolled out by November 3, but that does not seem so, as the updates are being delayed. Now according to a resort Google has found some major bugs, so the updates for the Nexus devices would be further delayed, till they fix them. Also it days that the big was related to WiFi, as it drained the battery.

Now Google’s has almost fixed it, and the new unofficial existed date for the updates to be rolled out is November 12. But nothing can be believed to be concrete, though it is for sure that the update would be out in a few days now.


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