Android 8.0 Oreo beta update for Samsung Galaxy S8 will hit these countries soon


Samsung did not announce anything about the beta except for Samsung Turkey. Which stated that the Galaxy lineup of smartphones will start receiving the Oreo update starting from January 2017. But, recently a report stated that the Sprint Galaxy S8 users who have enrolled their devices for Galaxy Beta program will receive the updates starting today.

It’s been two months since Android Oreo was made public by Google. And some OEMs like OnePlus and Nokia have already made the beta versions of the OS available to their flagships. Whereas Sony ahead of others, updated their flagship XZ Premium to stable Android 8.0 Oreo. On the other hand, though Samsung is the largest Android OEM they are far behind on the OS updates like every time. But, now a report claims that Sprint will start rolling out the Oreo beta update to the Galaxy S8 users who have already enrolled for the Galaxy Beta program.

Android World also listed the countries which are to receive the Oreo beta update. According to them, the first countries to receive the beta update will be the USA, Korea and the UK. The second phase will include countries like Germany, Spain, France, Poland, India and China. Do not worry if your country is not listed as this is merely a beta update. The stable version will be released in all the countries.

Are you excited for the Oreo update on your Galaxy S8 ? Comment your thoughts below.


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