Android Accounts For 68% Smartphones Sales in Q2 2012 Globally


Here’s the another report which is hardening Android position as best Smartphone platform. According to Canalys’s Q2 reports Android accounts for 68% smartphones Sales in Q2 2012 Globally.

In last, Q2 of 2012 out of 158 million total smartphone sales, 108 million units were Android Smartphones which accounts of 68% percent. This growth is about 110% bigger than last year’s same quarter. China received about 80% of Android Smartphone sales out of total 42 million smartphones sales but it dropped to 56% from 60% in US according to Strategy Analytics. Samsung is the leading company getting sales in China followed by Sony, ZTE, Lenovo, Huawei and Apple. Canalys notes that Nokia’s volumes in China were down by 47% in Q2, and Motorola also saw a decline.

On the other hand Apple iOS garnered a growth rate of 28 percent with over 26 million shipments in Q2 this year.

Globally, Samsung, world’s largest Smartphone Maker shipped “over 45 million handsets” reports Canalys. Meanwhile Apple sticks to second position while Nokia manged to get third position and HTC, RIM stays as fourth and fifth largest smartphone maker.

Source: Canalys


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