Android Activation’s Touches 850000 Per Day


Android is Still on Ascent as Google says 850,000 new Android devices are now being turned on and activated each day, while the current number of active Android smartphones and tablets has topped 300 million. Also, the Android Market has just crossed the 13 billion apps downloads milestone. The news comes about two months after Rubin revealed that Android activations had topped 700,000 per day.

Should Apple panic? Perhaps not. According to the latest data from Nielson, Android owns a majority 47 percent share of the smartphone market as of the fourth quarter of 2011, which is down from 60 percent in Q3 2011, Business Insider reported last month. Apple’s iPhone 4S helped the Cupertino outfit close the gap by growing its market share from 26 percent in Q3 to 47 percent in Q4.


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