Android App: Business Calendar


Business Calendar
by Mikado Software
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Latest Updates

What’s new in version
  • Now compatible to the new Android version 3.0 (Honeycomb).
  • Start and end date of an event can now be set using a graphical month view in the event input mask.
  • The save and cancel buttons are now always visible in the event input mask and can not be scrolled off any more.
  • An option was added to specify if the keyboard will open automatically in the event input mask.
  • It is now possible to link a contact to an event.
  • When an event has been deleted the application will now stay on the day where the event has been (day view/week view).
  • When an event has been edited the application will now jump to the new start day of the event (day view/week view).
  • It is now easier to open the application from the agenda widget (you don’t have to hit the event title exactly any more).
  • The Privacy and Show me as settings will now also be displayed when using an Exchange calendar
  • Application will now work with the Motorola Xoom but is not optimized for the high screen resolution of that device; some views and widgets may look poor on the Motorola Xoom at the moment. Future updates will address this issue.

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