Amazon MP3 gives tablet users instant access to the online retailer’s music store, as well as full Amazon Cloud Player functionality.
You can browse best sellers and daily deals or search for specific music and purchase it immediately with an Amazon account.
Once you make a purchase, you can choose to download the MP3 or save it to the Amazon Cloud Drive attached to your account. You can listen to songs immediately from the cloud, streaming them over a Wi-Fi or 3G Internet connection wherever you are, on whatever device you’re using. You can also upload your tracks to Amazon’s Cloud Drive and access all your playlists and tracks.
Amazon MP3 is one of those apps that includes all the features you expect. It’s not made specifically for tablets, but it’s functional and very useful for Amazon fans.

  • PRICE: Free
  • TASTY: Buy music, download it, or stream it from Amazon’s cloud music service.
  • BUMMER: Requires an Amazon account and Amazon’s Cloud Player service for full access, which can cost (eventually).
  • COOL: Stream music to your tablet without taking up space on your device’s hard drive.


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