best travel apps

Nowadays, people love to travel. Some just want to see a new place or experience  a new culture. Some travel for soul-searching while some just like the feeling of being lost. Some may be taking a break from work while other really travel to work. No matter what the reasons for traveling may be, troubles are inevitable. Of course, troubles are the last thing you’d want when you’re out of town. This is why aside from a good plan, you also need to have contingency measures for every part of your trip. Also, equip yourself with tools, such as these Android applications, to help make your trip as smooth as possible.

best travel apps

Flight Track

Do you have any idea how painful it is to wake up early only to find out that your flight was delayed? Well, let’s just say it’s enough to spoil your trip early on. Fortunately, this app is designed to inform you of the status of your flight and will help you trace down the root cause of delayed flights. Flight Track can monitor the location of different plane carriers and see which flight is connected where, its times of departure and arrival, and other flight details.  You can have this in your Android phone for only $4.99.

Download: Flight Track

PolyClock World Clock


Hate jet lags and its sickening effects? Do you despise having the need to convert the your home time to your destination’s time and back again? Well, this is the handy app for you! PolyClock World Clock will provide you different details about the location and time zone to you are currently in. For only $2.99, you will be able to see and compare different time zones without having to add or subtract hours.

Download: PolyClock World Clock



Not all of us can afford to have a butler waiting for us at the airport. And of course, a cab can only take you so far. This is why the practical choice for most savvy travelers is to rent a car. This is where Kayak comes in. Kayak will help you find and compare the best deals for car rentals in a specific place. This great app also works for searching the best flight deals. Now you can get around in style without breaking your budget.

Download: Kayak

Hotel Tonight

hotel tonight

Now that you have landed on your destination and found a great car rental, wouldn’t it be nice to find the best hotel to relax within your budget? Hotel Tonight is then the app for you! This app will look for all the hotels nearby and suggest you the best deals according to your budget—even the last minute deals would be shown to you. Best thing about it, it’s free!

Download: Hotel Tonight

Gas Buddy

gas buddy

And speaking of land travels, let’s talk about roadtrips! Long rides can take you days to cross countries and borders. One of the problem of travelling on road is changing gas prices. Well, Gas Buddy is the solution to that problem as it finds your current location and searches for the cheapest priced gas stations. Handy, isn’t it? Don’t forget to try the local diners as you gas up!

Downoad: Gas Buddy



They say that to know a certain culture you must start by eating their food. But wouldn’t it be hard to search for the best local restaurant on a foreign land? This is where Yelp enters the scenario. Yelp will be your foodie travel buddy as it will help you look for the best places to eat—whether you are craving for a local delicacy, searching for your comfort food, or just simply missing your home food. This free and reliable app will show you the review and comments of other people who have tried these different food stores.

 Download: Yelp

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