Android auto

Google has made a major development in the Android Auto since its launch. Now, you not need to own a new stereo or any other equipment for your car to run Android Auto on it. Google has made it available on any Android Device.

Android autoNow you can access to Android Auto by simply connecting your device to the Car stereo with Bluetooth or USB. It’s a great move by Google and Apple should learn something from this.

Android Auto will allow user to spend more time on wheel rather than scrolling the device for accurate routes and other information. Google Has crafted Android Auto in such a way that you can easily do some important tasks with a swish and without any hindrance in your drive.

If you already travel a lot on your car, then there’s no reason to not to shift to Android Auto. You will feel pleased while using the app.

You can download the Android Auto App from the Play Store link in the source below.


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