Google has announced products and new apps in the Google I/O 2016. Among them Android Auto also gains the fair share of the attention. As Android Auto announced the Update which includes Waze Support which helps you to navigate in traffic better, Wireless Support and VOice activation improvement with “OK Google”.

Waze Provides the crowd-sourced and more detailed information to the Google Maps. However, Waze doesn’t include all the information in maps like jams get shared, for instance, but not the location of speed traps. Anyhow Wazw Support is very good addition to your car’s dashboard.

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The wireless Support includes all the features which we are using in a wired Connection. In practice, Now you will able to leave the phone in your pocket or bag means it’s more likely that you’ll boot Android Auto up, which Google is undoubtedly hoping will increase use and, as a result, keep more drivers’ eyes on the road.

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Along with the Wireless support Android Auto will feature “Ok Google” command which has already been used on Android Wear and Android smartphones and tablets. It arguably makes even more sense in a car, where keeping your hands on the wheel is fairly important.

Android Auto New Features will comes in next few months with a Software Update.


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