Android Beats Out iOS for Customer Preference for the First Time.

According to a new report put out by Nielsen, Android has overtaken iOS as the platform of choice for users planning to either get a smartphone for the first time, or get a new smartphone, in the next year.
In the July-Sept 2010 report, iOS was reported as the system of choice for 33% of users, while Android was the OS 26% were planning to purchase. However, in the surveys taken from January to March 2011, the tables have turned. Android has risen to 31%, while iOS has dropped to 30%. This is a big deal because it shows that Android is beginning to gain traction by not just luring customers from platforms like Blackberry and Windows, but it has started to solidly chip away at Apple’s customer base.
In terms of actual acquisitions, Android captured 50% of the market share, versus Apple’s 25%, showing Android still has a great deal of momentum with consumers that is only continuing to gain steam.


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