Who wants more Android collectibles from the highly popular Dead Zebra group? Now that Halloween is fast approaching the guys from DYZPlastic have teamed up with the Beast Brothers to bring a little Mexican flair to our favorite Android collectibles. Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is what we got in return with a Don Pablo special edition Android.

 The first round of collectibles were back in February of 2010 then a series 2 the following year. The last round of collectibles was back in August but we are expecting more soon especially with this latest tease shown above.
For those looking to celebrate Halloween or Dia de los Muertos now you can do it with a bit of Android flair and from the amount of details on the android I think they’ve even hit that 15 pieces of flair minimum, although Office Space has nothing to do with Halloween. To get your very own special edition Calaveriod be sure to check by the Dead Zebra Shop on the Day of the Dead. That is November 1st, and they’ll be available starting at 11 AM EST and again at 11 PM EST. They go fast and are limited to 1 per person so you better hurry as they are usually a big hit.
[via Dyzplastic Blog]


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