A leaked copy of BlackBerry OS 7 ( to be exact) has been making its way around the internets and someone with a very keen perception to detail, actually took the time to read through the copyrights found within. What did they find? Well, apparently RIM felt the need to give credit to the Android Open Source Project. Wait- what?

Now, let me stop you right there. Don’t confuse BlackBerry OS 7 for the QNX OS running on the BlackBerry Playbook. They are entirely different operating systems and I know this would make a lot more sense if BB OS 7 was QNX seeing how its been long announced that it will feature the ability to play Android apps via a handy app player.
So what exactly is going on here? No one knows for certain. Its obvious BlackBerry OS 7 is taking some kind of code from Android but that’s all we can be sure at this moment. I’ll turn this to our always sensible and knowledgeable readers. You guys have any idea what could be going on here? Chime in below.
[BerryReview via PocketNow]


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