According to research firm Ovum, this could be the first year that Android passes iOS in number of app downloads. The firm expects Android users to download 35 percent more apps than iOS users this year.
Ovum says that Android users are expected to download 8.1 billion apps this year, as compared to the 6 million it expects iOS users to download. This is a tremendous amount more than either platform saw last year, as Apple users downloaded 2.7 billion apps in 2010, while Android users claimed 1.4 billion. Total app downloads for mobile platforms is expected to grow 144 percent this year.

Despite Android users downloading more apps in total, Ovum says that iOS apps are still where the money is at for developers. Revenues from iOS app sales are expected to hit $2.86 billion by 2016, compared to the projected $1.5 billion for Android app sales. By that time, Android app downloads are expected to number 21.8 billion, while iOS app downloads will be 11.6 billion. [via CNET]

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