Android Device Manager Goes Live


We posted about a week or two ago about Google going to launch it’s security app to find lost Android phones, the Android Device manager. And the service has been finally launched. The service works the same as Find My iPhone does for iPhone.

google device manager

The service helps you track your lost Android Phone over a real time map. Even you could make your phone ring remotely and even clear and wipe all the private data in case of a theft remotely, so that your data is kept private and safe. To use the service head over to the Android Device Manager website. There you can select your device from the list of recent devices that you have used with your Account, and then it will try to find your device on GPS. It will remotely turn on the GPS and once it connects to the device, it will start showing the exact location of your device on a map.

Once the device is located you could also make it ring, which is for the use if you have simply misplaced it and it is not a case of theft. And the phone continues to ring for 5 minutes on full volume, to turn it off you need to press the power button onĀ  the phone. And if you still can’t find it , you have a safe option to remove all your private data, so that it does not go into unsafe hands.

So the app looks good as off now, lets hope that they introduce some more interactive features to make the service more handy and useful to the cause.



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