Millennial Media has released its monthly MobileMix report on ad impressions on its network, and, for the ninth month in a row, Android has been the top when it comes to operating system dominance. For August’s report, Millennial has combined smartphones and connected devices (read: tablets) to see how all of iOS stacks up against all of what Android has to offer.
In the month of August, devices running the Android operating system comprised 54 percent of the ad impressions on Millennial’s network. This was nearly double what Apple’s iOS held, with its 28 percent. Prior months showed Android with 61 percent of the market and iOS with 21 percent. Due to the inclusion of connected devices, drawing conclusions from historical data would be inaccurate, but it is safe to say that Android has a firm lead in the smartphone market, at least.
On the manufacturer side of things, Apple was still number one, with 23.10 percent of total ad impressions, while HTC took over its number 2 slot from Samsung with 16.33 percent. Samsung held on to 14.55 percent of the market, while Motorola and RIM claimed 11.37 percent and 11.06 percent, respectively.


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